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Cod with chives and black garlic

How this dish came about so I cannot say. At least, I still had some chive cream in the fridge and it had to either go on or go. But there are still some steps between that fact and this dish, you would say… It turned out very well […]

Asparagus a la Flamande

Asparagus the Flemish way, that is the literal translation. It's a very simple recipe but super delicious! Especially with some boiled or baked potatoes. An absolute classic that simply cannot be missed on haroldkookt.nl. To work!

Gnocchi with asparagus and cheese sauce

Basically this is just comfort food. That's a plate of soft gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce anyway, but supplemented with asparagus it puts a smile on your face. At least, it did for me… You make the cheese sauce with Taleggio, a delicious Italian cheese, and some coarse mustard. A perfect […]

Asparagus with ham and Hollandaise sauce

A classic dish is usually that for a reason. In this case, a very good reason! Because no matter how classic and 'simple' this dish is: it is fantastic! Of course I have added a few touches of my own, but basically the combination of white asparagus with ham and Hollandaise sauce is already […]

Beef tenderloin with roquefort and snow peas

I really can't get enough of this. Such an incredibly tasty and super tender piece of tenderloin. Because the meat has not worked so hard, it is so tender but also has a little less taste of its own. That's why I cook it with some garlic and rosemary, which makes it perfect. The combination […]

Cod with asparagus and beurre blanc

For those who didn't know yet, I love asparagus. Not only on the white but yes, they are now at their maximum in the season so you can't ignore that. Yesterday was such a beautiful, sunny day that I felt like a sunny dish. Not too complicated, but […]

Scallop with celeriac and asparagus

Scallops are a regular occurrence for me. That is of course not without reason, I think they are fan-tas-tic! Especially if they are nicely baked on the outside and glassy on the inside, still a bit raw. The taste is a bit sweet and nutty; a pinch of salt and pepper is enough to flavor them […]

Cod with prosecco beurre blanc and fennel

I might like to make starters or intermediate dishes the most. Those little dishes full of flavour. On the one hand, they should invite, taste for more, and on the other hand, be a beautiful dish in their own right. As far as I'm concerned, this dish satisfies both points. Does this ring a bell? That could well […]

Steak with roasted pumpkin and onion gravy

It's no secret that I love a good steak. But every time the same preparation gets boring, so I always try something different. This time the round steak (from the butcher, of course, much tastier than from the supermarket) with fried potato cubes, finely chopped chives and olive crumbs. Sun […]

Tournedos, mushrooms & sweet potato

Comfort food, this dish fits in that category. Nice soft meat with some pepper, delicious sweet potato puree and then the mushrooms… Half a portobello is on the puree, it is cooked in the oven and is super tasty. Top with some blanched Brussels sprout leaves and a biscuit with black garlic. The frothy […]