About Harold Kookt

Nothing gets me so excited about food. In all shapes and sizes, cuisines and colours, flavors and structures; it makes me happy.

Pretty much every day I start in the morning thinking about what I'm going to make in the evening. Because yes, that's what I like best of all: coming up with and making something delicious myself. And if possible, I try to make it beautiful so that every meal becomes a party.

This site arose from the desire to be able to store my recipes somewhere and to be able to find them easily. And if I'm making that for myself, why not share it with you? From now on, something will be added regularly and I hope it will become a nice complete reference book that you can also browse through to get inspired.

The recipes are therefore structured differently than in an average cookbook. Instead of a step-by-step plan to the dish, you will see that most recipes consist of separate components. Sometimes the order is not right at all, you will have to decide for yourself when you do what. But what I like much more is to combine parts from different recipes; that's what this setup is for.

I hope to take you along in my cooking adventures, to inspire and motivate you to get started yourself.

Do you have tasty and/or beautiful products and do you want to work together? I'm always up for that! Send me a DM on Instagram, an email to info@haroldkookt.nl or fill in this form.