Wellington with deer

Mijn eerste Wellington. En het is gelijk een goeie want ik maakte hem met hertenhaas in plaats van ossenhaas. In plaats van een ‘Beef Wellington’ werd het dus een ‘Venison Wellington’. Het principe is hetzelfde alleen is een hertenhaas kleiner dus bouw je hem iets anders op. Uiteraard heb ik […]

Cod with chives and black garlic

How this dish came about so I cannot say. At least, I still had some chive cream in the fridge and it had to either go on or go. But there are still some steps between that fact and this dish, you would say… It turned out very well […]

Sea bass with black garlic beurre blanc

Sometimes you have a dish that is completely right. And yes, this is one of those. The flavors and textures work really well together and make this an absolute favorite. The star of the show is the baked sea bass, but don't underestimate the beurre blanc… This recipe is based on […]

Smoked eel with celeriac and lime

This is a delicious appetizer! And it also looks great, what more could you want? It's a nice start to your dinner. Make a small version as an appetizer or a slightly larger version as an appetizer. The dish is nice and fresh but also beautiful in […]

mushroom risotto

Perhaps the tastiest risotto is the mushroom version. Now that it is September and the weather now and then acts as if the summer is already over, I thought it was time for it. And the moment I work out this recipe, the sun is shining again… Well […]

Scallops with smoked eel and caviar

This combination is gold! Literally and figuratively… The sweetness of the scallops, the fatty of the eel and then the salty and nutty of the caviar, delicious! The last times I was served caviar in a restaurant (as part of a dish) I noticed that it always […]

Tartelette with pea and lime

You know by now that entertainment makes me happy. Those tasty little snacks as an entrance to dinner. I now have a few nice variants on the site and this new version in the form of a savory tartelette is a delicious addition. It is a nice brittle […]

Tagliatelle with Salmon

This pasta is summer on your plate for me. With every bite I imagine myself on an Italian terrace with that cozy noise while you dine at 22:00. The nice thing about this dish is that it is really creamy but also nice and fresh. And easy to make so you […]